Procurement of Infrastructure hardware.

SPIRIT  provides services for selection and procurement of IT equipment ranging from server components to consumables.
With us you will be assured of performance of IT equipment and compliance of IT infrastructure with business objectives. Buying all necessary IT hardware and software from a single vendor is feasible, convenient and reliable. Our experts will select for you all the necessary IT equipment for office or production facility: laptops, desktops, printers and copying equipment, server and telephone equipment.
They will configure and integrate the equipment into existing IT infrastructure. License

Network System Design.

SPIRIT  experts have a high level qualification in the networking. We are ready to perform the following tasks: 
·       Build LAN, WAN and VPN networks. 
·       Creation of DSL access networks. 
Includes: risk analysis, evaluation of weaknesses, audit, design and implementation of information security systems, security systems monitoring and information security. We will carry out networks design based on the size of your company and develop future plans for business expansion.

Sales of IT Software.

SPIRIT  experts will help you formulate key requirements for the software, deal with the details of licensing policy and will select appropriate solutions to meet the needs of your business needs and the allocated budget. When selecting software, we use individual approach to each task and aim at:
·       ensuring continuity of business processes. 
·       high level of fault tolerance of the IT infrastructure. Selection of infrastructure software includes
·       The supply of corporate licenses for operating systems: software installation and update. 
·       Supply of software for office infrastructure: office programs, e-mail systems. 
·       Virtualization of IT infrastructure: server virtualization, data storage virtualization, workstations virtualization, IT applications virtualization. 
·       Implementation of backup systems: creating backup copies, backup cloud and emergency data recovery. 
·       Implementation of database management systems: systems setup and fault tolerance.
·       Implementation of system monitoring and incident management.
·       Implementation of data and applications protection system.